Saturday, 11 September 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin yap!!! XDXDXD

Today went out wif Kevinyap,Kevinong,Max,Renfred,Alkming,Junyuan,Saiyuan,Huili,Zhijun,Wenshi And JaQ! :D Early wake up eat 1 piece of bread dhen play Css awhile dhen change into me Purple Checker Shirty :D Aft tat went to Lot1 minimac w8 for Max, Chat wif him at Kfc dhen Kevinyap,kevinong and alkming come ,dhen we sit at Mac outside (Cos no sit =.=)  dhen go meet Huili,Zj and Wenshi. Went up Mrt Find Sy dhen Mrt 2 Paiyo lehba (Idk how spell!!) meet up wif Jaq :) dhen walk here walk ther dhen mrt 2 Clarke Quey dhen see Sticky dhen Mrt back to Keat Hong (idk go spell correct or nort XD) The Mrt damn freaking hot sia , sweating lyk siao loh =.=  aft tat part way wif Alkming Kor and Fatass (kevinong) LRT to ehhhhhhh dtk wat station (forget liao) dhen walk awhile dhen go the Sakura Makan. Eat till Freak Full sia , Cost me $30 Bucks Nia, Aft tat go 2 nearby park (Dtk name) slack slack awhile dhen i part ways wif others and Bus Home :D So sad Alkming Kor n Fatass nvr join us at Sakura :S Just Bath n Now Posting :D
Happy Birthday Kevin Yap!!!!!!!!!! Come i make Cake For Euh!!! :D

(            Happy .  .  .         )         
[  . .  .       Birthday            ]
{           KevinYap   .  .  .   }

Wan Soda Bean,Red Bean,Green Bean Or Just Plain Bean?? XDXDXD
Wootz!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha :D Quatz, Euh R now 14 Yearz Old :D hahahahah XDXDXD
Ok, i end tis post here :D (Keep the Smile, Keep it Strong:DDDD) ~SleepyawN

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